Webmasters: Add this Genealogy Search to Your Website

You can easily add this Genealogy Search for Google? to your website. This is done using an inline frame or iframe.

Example of the Inline Frame

If your browser supports inline frames, a form for entering genealogy will appear below, under the green
"--- Inline Frame Starts Here ---." If your browser does not support inline frames, then a default text link will appear below. Most browsers support inline frames, so the form should appear for most people coming to your site. Either the form or the default text link will open a new window, so your visitors can continue to browse your site.

--- Inline Frame Starts Here ---

--- Inline Frame Ends Here ---

Advantages of Using an Inline Frame

Using an inline frame means that the code for this form will not become out-of-date on your site. The inline frame permits your site to always have the latest code for this form. This is in contrast to cutting and pasting a search form into your webpage. Over time, it is possible that the code from cutting and pasting will no longer work because the site that receives the data from the form may change its formats. With this inline frame, the form will always be consistent with the formats our site expects.

Adding the Inline Frame to Your Website

To add this capability to your site, simply copy the code below into your Web Page. The first part of the code displays the form. The form itself is in https://www.genealogy-search-help.com/search/index.html. The code that starts with <p><a href= is the code for the default if an inline frame cannot be displayed.

<iframe style="width:100%; height:750px; vertical-align:top; border:none; overflow:hidden; margin:0;" src="https://www.genealogy-search-help.com/search/index.html" title= "Free Genealogy Search Help for Google"></iframe> <p><a href="https://www.genealogy-search-help.com" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Free Genealogy Search Help for Google</a>: This free site will help you use Google? to search for your genealogy. It will create different Google searches using tips or "tricks" that will improve your search results.</p>